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OPAVIOC 4 Inch White Buffing Wheel

OPAVIOC 4 Inch White Buffing Wheel

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The yellow buffing wheel is harder than the white wheel, making it suitable for removing deeper scratches on metal surfaces. Conversely, the white buffing wheel is ideal for the final polishing step, imparting a shiny, mirror-like effect to your metal products.

✅ Easy Installation: The 4-inch polishing wheels come with a 1/4-inch handle, making them easy to install on most polishers.

✅ Value Package: A cost-effective set designed for jewelers who have experienced the quality in our machine set, ensuring long-lasting use.

✅ Versatile Usage: Ideal for polishing wood, metal, brass, aluminum, bronze, stone, and more, offering versatility for various jewelry projects.

✅ Effortless Work: These buffing wheels make your work easy and effortless, allowing you to enhance your work efficiency.

✅ Dimensions: White polishing wheels with a diameter of 4 inches and a height of 5/8 inches (50 ply), providing ample surface for precise polishing.

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