Proudly started in 1990, OPAVIOC Power Tools is a constantly evolving innovative business dedicated to bringing the best to all our customers.🌏

We started off by our belief that believing good and doing good for others should go hand-in-hand as we were obsessed with providing our valued clients the best high-quality and innovative power tools that we’d love to have for ourselves utilizing the vast experience and professional expertise of our qualified experts.

That’s why we started off with a simple goal: Whatever we do should be good for our clients as well as for our love for this passion of ours. By utilizing creative innovation, we deliver affordable and quality access to the best professional power tools, which eventually makes us one of a kind.

Equipped with modern and state-of-the-art technology, we strive to go the extra mile to ensure and adhere to all safety standards.

Having qualified and experienced personnel, we stay committed to building innovative yet affordable tools as we deliver smiles all across the region to our valuable clients that are pumped up as we deliver them quality tools so that they can benefit from the best.

We didn’t start to follow trends; we create them as we acknowledge that every client deserves the best product in the most convenient and efficient way. OPAVIOC Power Tools sees itself as a way to reflect different sides, an innovative platform, and a high-quality efficient business.

Our company is very focused on the consumer experience, and it has always been a priority in our growth. We participate in various international jewelry and tool shows every year to meet and build long-term relationships with consumers and distributors from all over the world.

Our number one goal is to deliver a wide range of tools in the best ways possible, and for that reason, our team members go through a combination of hands-on training on cutting-edge equipment and quality control guaranteeing to deliver the best in the most affordable way. 

What unites us is our passion to keep innovating as we make this happen by playing to the beliefs and strengths we’ve nurtured throughout these years. 

Building happy communities are of utmost importance and for that, we truthfully value that everything between our clients and staff matters. A lot. That is why OPAVIOC Power Tools holds itself to an Honest standard of safety and transparency.

We invite and welcome you to explore our website and we hope you'll see that the tools that we offer complement your unique needs. OPAVIOC Power Tools is more than just a business – it’s our aspiration for your better, safer, and productive future.