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OPAVIOC Variable Speed Jewelry Polisher-Standard Accessory Kit

OPAVIOC Variable Speed Jewelry Polisher-Standard Accessory Kit

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💎Compact, Portable, Powerful - Don't be fooled by the size of this bench polisher. Despite its size, it boasts a low-noise 320W motor that churns out speeds of 1750RPM up to 8500RPM.

💎More Than A Jewelry Polishing Machine - By adjusting the speeds, you can polish anything from chains and jewelry to car parts and machine components. 

💎ADJUSTABLE SPEED: This polisher features different speeds, making it ideal for any type or level jewelry worker looking at buffing their pieces! The variable speed bench buffer and polishing machine for jewelry can perform different degrees of polishing by adjusting the speed. Variable speed bench buffer speeds ranging from 1750 to 10000 RPM, you can go from steady-going up through high-speed fine grinding with perfect finishes on rings or other jewelry!

💎Lightweight Polisher - Whether you're a professional in a busy workshop or a hobbyist making DIY projects, this polisher buffer can be used anywhere without taking up too much space.

💎With Buffing Wheel Polisher & More - This bench buffer comes bundled with two 4" cloth wheels for post-polishing jewelry, two fiber wheels for rust removal, and a bottle of polishing compound.

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