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Grinding Wheel With Wheel Mandrel

Grinding Wheel With Wheel Mandrel

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Transform your jewelry polisher into a versatile small bench grinder with the Grinding Wheel and Wheel Mandrel. This specialized combination allows you to handle various grinding tasks with ease. With a compact 2.75-inch size, it's perfect for grinding metal objects right on your workbench. Dear jewelers, enhance the functionality of your jewelry polisher and turn it into a powerful small bench grinder for your crafting needs.

✅ Versatile Grinding Capability: The combination of the grinding wheel and wheel mandrel turns your jewelry polisher into a small benchtop grinder, making it ideal for grinding metal objects on your workbench.

✅ Compact and Efficient: With a size of 2.75 inches, this grinding wheel is compact yet powerful, providing the perfect solution for various grinding tasks in your jewelry-making projects.

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